Customer Feedback

“The Envirox chemical that we are using is great! By switching to this product we have eliminated 4 other products. We onboard around 90 HSK associates during the winter months and when it comes to training on the use of this chemical, it’s easily understood by all.”

“We are very satisfied with the Ecoharmony products that we currently use. We went from using 4 or 5 different chemicals to one chemical with 2 different dilutions. It has made things much easier.”

“We are very pleased with the results of EcoHarmony products. Our sick/callouts have significantly reduced since the introduction of Envirox 118.”

“I have been spreading the word to those in the Correction/Detention circuit about the effectiveness of the products as well as the low to zero health effects.”

“Representatives have been extremely helpful in creating an easier chemical dispensing system for staff to utilize. They have been very diligent in finding the right products for what we need.”